Monday, May 8, 2017


One of the joys of cleaning litter box
is to find happy poops regularly.

Good to know Goro & Niko are having
a smooth bowel movement :-)

Niko always buries after using litter box.

Goro rarely covers his output.

That's fine because I can identify the producer
of poop by how it's presented in the box.

Yes, exactly!
You are such a smart boy, Goro!

Recently, Goro made a poop in the
shape of letter "川".

It's a Japanese letter. (My mother language)
"川" means "River" in Japanese!

* This is drawing. I refrained from taking photo :-)

Even your poop is smart, Goro!

We wish you a smooth bowel movement
every day.

Smooth like a river flows..... :-)

Monday, April 24, 2017

Goodies from Japan

Look what we got! N-Chan, our wonderful
friend in Japan sent this box filled with goodies!

* Matatabi = silver vine

Goro enjoyed the kicker toy.

Niko loved matatabi (silver vine) fruit.

It made him roll & roll around...

And his tail roll, too :-)

Thank you, N-Chan, for the FUN-tastic gifts!


Sorry we have not been around lately.
Busy at work during weekdays
and lazy at home during weekends.

Relaxing together

We will try to visit you soon :-)



Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tree Shopping

We had this old computer desk
used as a step for cat shelf.

We decided to replace it with a small cat tree.

Goro. Let us know when you find
the tree you like.

So many trees to choose from.

My heart says "Yes" but my wallet says "No."

We managed to pick one.

Also stopped by the Bird Section.

It's not a Food Section, Goro.

We finished shopping and left the store.

Back at home.
Tree was placed and approved by Niko :-)

We hope everyone had a fun weekend!!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Niko's 7th Anniversary

On February 28th, we celebrated
Niko's 7th Gotcha Day.

He was a very sweet, gentle kitten.

He was also shy and reserved --- Kind of
a boy who sit back and watched others play.

Or like other kids didn't even
notice he was there.

Or always got picked on by bigger kids.

But not at the snack time.
Love of chicken made Niko bold & strong!

And that hasn't changed :-)

Niko is our sweet & gentle boy.
Shy but not so shy around chicken :-)

Happy Anniversary, sweetheart!

Cutie-pie kitten Niko

Isn't he even cuter now?

Monday, February 13, 2017

Heart Chicken

I saw this recipe online.

Then I catified it.

I made a special snack for Goro & Niko.
And I put a lot of love in it!

Do you see chicken kinda shaped heart?
This happens when you add love to a recipe :-)

My forever love



By the way, when it comes to
love for chicken...

Niko is all about sharing :-)

We wish you a happy Valentine's week!

Sunday, February 5, 2017


A few weeks ago, I found Niko limping.
Something was wrong with his right rear leg.

So I freaked out and Niko was taken to the Vet.
Diagnosis was: Pulled Muscle

Earlier, kids were running like a storm. Niko
may have accidentally overstretched his leg.

But nothing too serious. Vet said
"Rest and he should get better soon." Phew!

So at home, we tried to make Niko
as comfy & happy as possible.

* Easy access resting spots *
We laid mats and towels on the floor.

Though, he spent 1st few days mostly in a cave.
(which was natural as he was unwell)

Goro came to check on Niko :-)

* Easy access litter box *
We placed a shallow litter box.

Well, Goro was the one who used it... :-)

* Comfort food *
I made chicken soup for snack.

Please get well soon, Niko.

I'm happy to report Niko's leg has healed.
He is now running and jumping!

We wish you a safe & fun new week!